Book Review

Jeff Pearce's book is a fascinating journey inot the modern history of the fashion trade.  This book is truly a great read.  There is much to learn from Pearce's business mantras 'Never sell to anyone, let them buy' or 'Success is in the buying not the selling, ' and much to be admired in his deternination to succeed - Jessica Brown, Editor, Drapers

This book is so captivating and moving - Karen Bartlett - The Times

It is a captivating real-life story - News of the World.

I write to you from Perth in Western Australia.  I was sent a copy of your book by a relative back in the UK and have just finished reading it.  I have never contacted an author before but I wanted to do so via your website just to congratulate ou on your achievement.  The book was moving and hilarious and really spoke directly to the emotions.  It had a direct and striking charge to it that I found virtually unique in my reading.  It was so obviously the product of personal trial and experience.  (I) hope that you feel moved to put pen to paper again soon.  Thank you so much for the one you have written. - Anthony Eyers



I heard you on Steve Wright's show... and knew I had to read your book.  I am slightly dyslexic, but I was lucky enough to get help from an early age, but it is only now in my thirties that I am actually starting to enjoy reading.  Anyway, I have just finished reading your book in record time for me!  It was a brilliant read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It has also inspired me to grab life by the horns and could very well change my life.  No, in fact it will change my life!!! Never take no for an answer. - Rob Martineau

I have just finished reading your book...... It is a wonderfully inspiring life story.  I congratulate you and see from your website that you can now write!  .... I am full of admiration for what you have achieved.  I hope you will write more now that you have time in your retirement. - Beryl Bowie

LOVE LOVE LOVED the book.  Really great read, infact was late for two appointments and left the house without any makeup on yesterday as I was engrossed in your amazing story!  I have a wonderful ten year old son who is dyslexic.  He is a wonderful sportsman but most days cannot remember how to spell his surname.  ......  I hope one day he'll feel the same way about me as you feel about your mother.   Your story was inspirational and I hope you make it into a film one day. - Louise Lawrence


My husband Steve and I have recently read your book and both of us found it inspirational and absorbing...... Steve is also dyslexic and this has prevented him from reaching his full potential in life and still scars him to this day..... thank you for sharing your story with us - Steve and Linda Golder

This really is one of the most touching books I have ever read. Its made me think a lot about life and at times in the book made me cry and laugh out loud..... Thank you for sharing your story. I will treasure this book forever. - Dan Wise, USA

I have just read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am a bit younger than yourself, but just old enough to remember outside toilets etc!  Of all your achievements what came over to me was that you had a lesson to teach;  you may struggle reading and writing, but your teaching accomplishments far outweigh those of the harsh and cruel form teacher in whose professional opinion there was no hope for you! .... I have ordered another three copies of the book, one for each of my older children to make them realise how easy they have got it! and if they want to achieve something in life it probably will involve overcoming obstacles, some hard work and early starts! - Steve Pickett 

I picked up your book yesterday and started reading last night. I have been laughing out loud because I can so relate to your childhood stories... Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book, it is an inspirational, very enjoyable read. -Wendy Williams

I have just this second finished reading your book after being unable to put it down. What an inspiring and heartfelt book it is.... For what it is worth, your book should be read in schools to show children how important hard work, self belief, honesty and family really are... thank you so much for taking the time to put your experiences into your book. - Garry Hawe

I have just spent this Sunday on a rollercoaster of emotions reading your incredible book.  Thank you for giving me the hope to go on and the determination never to give up!  - Renzo Algieri


Having read your book ....... which I found very moving, uplifting and at times very funny, the saying - the Power of Positive Thinking - takes on a really relevant meaning.  I feel it is a book that young and older readers will enjoy worldwide, especially at this time of global economic crisis.  Good luck with the book, you deserve it. - Finola Barr 

I received this book only last week, it being recommended by a good friend. I read a great deal and read this in just 2 sessions, I enjoyed the story immensely, I don't know if a follow up is possible but if there is one, mark me down for the first copy. - Howard Thacker

I have just finished reading your book this afternoon and thought I would send you an email.  I read your book in one sitting as I could not put it down, just as well I am self employed as I was at work at the time...  Thanks for sharing your story, absolutely loved the leather pants story, had me laughing out loud!  I guess the thing that struck me most though is how close you must be to Gina, you are one lucky man but I know you realise that.  Hurry up with the sequel, going to read 'Pocketful' again tomorrow. Hope you still have a Jag. - Tim Norman

I have just finished reading A Pocketful of Holes and Dreams, what an amazing book, you are a real inspiration, I could not put the book down, .... Well done . - Jane


An awe inspiring story of human endeavour and dogged determination against all the odds. Firstly, this book is simply an unforgettable read, an incredible story of the rise, fall, and meteoric rise again of a straight talking lad from the back streets of Liverpool. It details the trials and tribulations of a guy who, although seriously handicapped with the inability to read or write and born into real poverty, reaches the very top of his profession not once, but twice. Jeff Pearce shows how, with boundless energy, unshakeable self belief, and an unbelievable level of determination, anything is possible. His life story is a breathless journey of extraordinary achievements, phenomenal financial success (and failure), mind boggling experiences, all based on an insatiable desire to succeed. With the unconditional support of the two women in his life, Jeff takes on, and overcomes, challenges mere mortals would fear to tread. This book tells this amazing story. Don't miss the opportunity to read it as, in all probability, it will change your life!!! - C Leech

A classic tale of love, loss, and success This book was really enjoyable and is different to many of the other 'true life' stories out there. For a start, there is no awful child abuse element, and nothing really terrible happens. In fact, this is an uplifting tale and despite the poverty, Jeff had a happy and colourful upbringing……. The characters are strong and likeable…… This is a really enjoyable book, and I read it eagerly. As well as being well-written in a storytelling style, it is easy to relate to. - Ms Sarah M Findlay

Wow! What can I say?! To put it simply, what a great book! I am a 24 year old lad that hasn't read a book in a long, long time indeed, due to losing interest by the time I've finished the book. However this book was completely different in the way I couldn't put it down! I must say it was so interesting to observe Jeff's life from a young boy in a post war Liverpool slum and his journey through life to becoming a millionaire losing it all and personally my favourite bit...getting it back! This book touches on every aspect of life and personally found it educational, emotional, funny and leaves you with a great sense of passion to succeed! – Richard

One of the best rags to riches stories in print to date. An excellent read from beginning to end and a book hard to put down. In my opinion, it could be made into a very good TV drama or film.... I'm waiting in anticipation! - P Ewiel

I have just finished reading your book A Pocketful of Holes and Dream and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  I am from Scotland but am living in Bangalore, India at the moment..... and heard you talking about your book on Steve Wright's show.  What an amazing story you have had, such an inspiration to us all.  I have a lot of international friends out here and have already mentioned your book to a number of them....- Sarah Akram

I received the book on Tuesday, and by Thursday I had finished it- I was hooked! I am not much of a reader, but this book came highly recommended from a friend and so I thought I would give it a go. I am certainly glad I did! It is rags to riches, back to rags, then back to riches story full of twists and turns, that keep you interested and wanting more! - David Aspinall

This was the first full book that I have read on my new Kindle. Thank you to the author for making it a very pleasant experience. book.......I am sure she [your mother] is looking down from heaven on you. Well done on bringing every single page to life. And just to add I really hope that the book is made into a film or TV reminded me of the 'Woman of Substance' story from years ago, so here is hoping that a TV producer reads it.....I also wish that instead of all the Celeb type books promoted by programmes like 'This Morning' they would interview Jeff too. - Briar Rose