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26th March 2011    Jeff will be signing copies of his books at Waterstones in Bold Street, Liverpool from 1-3pm. Come along and meet him there.

A Pocketful of Holes and Dreams is living proof that rags really can be turned to riches, and dreams can become reality; this book is a testimony to mans' ability to overcome adversity and achieve success, if only as a result of sheer tenacity and determination.
Born in the slums of Liverpool, and from the moment he could walk, Jeff learnt how to turn other peoples' cast-offs into cash, selling second-hand clothes down the markets with his mother. His school years were a struggle, and he left at the age of fourteen unable to read or write – even something as simple as his own name.
Before the age of thirty Jeff had banked his first million, having made his fortune in the rag trade with his fashion designs being sold in every department store in the country and a string of highly successful boutiques. With the financial success came the millionaires lifestyle; a life of contrasts and hilarious adventures; mixing with Hollywood movie stars and playing polo alongside the international jet set were just a few of the new experiences he enjoyed.
At the pinnacle of his phenomenal success, disaster struck in the recession of the 90's and Jeff's empire was forced into liquidation in a matter of days. With not a penny in his pocket, he had no alternative other than to return to the markets where he had begun as a child. Did he still have what it took? Could he really get back everything that he had lost?
What makes this story totally unique is that Jeff Pearce had lived every day of his life in fear of the truth being discovered. He was illiterate.
At the age of 53 and with the reading and writing ability of a seven year old, he took on the mammoth task of overcoming his fear of the written word and conquered his chronic dyslexia. It then took four years of blood, sweat and tears, and a huge amount of dedication and determination for him to write his memoirs, "A Pocketful of Holes and Dreams". This has to be one of the greatest stories ever told about the triumph of the human spirit.